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Is an independent driving school based in Roodepoort. The owner of the company is a G.P.A certified instructor with an impeccable record. Pass rates vary from 88.2%, that means that every 9 out of 10 candidates passed the first time. This staggeringly high pass rate is something we at Marco K-53 Driving School are extremely proud of and strive to maintain. MDS are flexible when it comes to lesson times and pick up and drop off is free. Prices are set low to reflect the difficult financial times we are all going through. Offering comprehensive and affordable driving lesson packages, MDS also offer quality tuition by a friendly,professionally, quilfied instructor that will turn your driving lessons into fun-filled exciting experience.. Our driving lessons will take you on the test routes ensuring an easier pass by our instructor with the best pass rates in Roodepoort! At Marco K-53 Driving School our aim is to help you master the skills you need to achieve driving excellence and pass your driving test with confidence. We will provide you with all the support and information you need to guide you through the process. MDS do not offer unfeasible promises such as “ Pass in a week” or “ Guaranteed Pass”. What we do guarantee is professional driving tuition for a fair price.